Recipie - Pulikachal - Tamarind instant rice mix and ready paste - South Indian

 The following is basic for minimum of 4-5 members and it can be incremented multiple times or double or Tripple the ingredients for more quantity and refrigerated in huge quantities for years together and used as an instant mix Ingredients for masala 1/2 teaspoon channa dal\ 1/4 teaspoon jeera 1/4 teaspoon Fenugreek (venthayam) 1/4 teaspoon daniya (corriander seeds) 1/4 teaspoon urad dal 4 red chillis 1/2 tea spoon pepper (full black pepper) 1/4 teaspoon ellu (black or white) 1 block asafotida (perungayam) Curry leaves for paste and saute lemon sized tamarind  6-7 table spoon of gingelly oil 1 teaspoon mustard seeds 1 tea spoon channa dal 2 red chillies 1 cup roasted groundnuts salt to taste one bock long turmeric Method 1. Soak the lime sized tamarind in water. 2. IN a plain kadai or pan head it and when dry to sauté all of the above ingredients under masala and mixer grind it corse it should not be powdery.   3. in a kadai or pan add gingelly oil let it heat and let mustard seeds sp

Expect the Unexpected - 1 - Onion spill

    Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. While each day we plan and try to take over or space in that most times when we work with kids or any other there is always an element of surprise. Lets call this the unexpected. we need to face it and work around it. So today my son happened to peep into the bag filled with vegetables bought for the week, tore apart the plastic expecting something else that he could munch. To his surprise it was small onions (not shallots) that fell off the plastic and was spilt all around. Since it was not what he wanted he moved on. Now, I had planned an activity entirely different for that day, I was sitting there observing all this, and a thought a spark, why not pause and convert this itself as an activity for the day? Normally the focus would be to get to the planned activity and think that as the goal and so on.  I would react or i would clean that space to move to that activity planned. Entire mood would go for a toss. now life is going to be li

Recipe - Instant Rasam powder - South Indian

 There are many different types of Rassam (clear south Indian soup). Todays post is about making instant rasam powder mix. Ingredients  1 Cup Dhaniya (coriander seeds) 6 Red long chilly 1 spoon black pepper 3 spoons jeera 3 spoons kadalai parupu (Channa dal) 1 spoon urad dal (ulutham parupu) 1 spoon toor dal 2 inches long turmeric (varali manjal) Asafetida 1/4 spoon salt (for preservation) Method Separately dry roast each of the ingredients. Grind them all and store this for months. Add a spoon full of this rasam mixture to make healthy and immunity building rasam (lentil soup).

Recipie - Idiyapam / Sevai batter and Sevai preperation - South Indian

 A simple healthy tiffin and snack for all ages. Ingredients  2 cups  rice water Salt Method Rinse and soak rice in water for 2 hours. Mixture grind the rice very fine and add salt in it and it should be very thick batter. Once batter ready, greese the pan or u can use idly plates to steam the batter. Let the batter steam cook for 15 mins. Once the rice flour is cooked. When hot itslef remove and add it to the Sevai or Idiappam press and make fresh Rice noodles called Idiapam./Sevai. Plain Rice noodles hot and fresh ready. We can make coconut rice noodles or lemon rice noodles or tamarind rice noodles . 

Recipe - Idly Dosa Batter - South Indian

 One batter for multiple recipes Such as Idli, Dosa, setdosa, masaladosa, paniyaram, oothappam etc. Ingredients 4 cups Idli rice ( puzungal arici) 1 cup urad dal 1 tea spoon fenugreek seeds  (venthayam / methi seed) 1 tea spoon patted rice (aval ) - this is secret ingredient for fluffy idlies and its optional \ Salt Method Rinse all of the above separately and soak it separately for about 7-8 hours. Grind them in mixer grinder. step 1 grind urad dal first step 2  remove it and then grind rice, fenugreek seed vendhayam and patted rice aval or poha together.  step 3 mix both the batter together with adding two table spoons of rock salt at this time and leave in a container which has min 3/4th free space for about couple of hours.  During summer it may take an hour or in winder 2 - 3 hours, this batter is going to ferment and become double the size of the grinded batter. Idly dosa paniyaram batter ready to be refrigerated and used upto a weeks time.    

Recipe - Adai Batter - south Indian lentil protein rich batter

This is a multipurpose lentil batter preparation recipe Ingredients   1 cup Puzungal Rice (Idli Rice) 1/4 cup Toor Dal 1/4 cup Channa Dal 1/4 cup moong dal or green gram dal (any one) 1/4 cup urad dal 1/4 cup raw rice (pahcai arici) Dry red chilly - 4 numbers green chilly - 2 pepper - 5 numbers ginger - one piece rock salt Asasofotida curry leaf or drumstick laves  all of the above you can do 2X or 3X or how many times as a ratio u may incrase to number of Adai you will need, this will give a rough 10 Adai dosas. Method : Wash rinse and soak all the rice and dals for about 2 hours, You can also soak all other masalas including if its asafodita rock rather than powder and exclude salt. Grid all that into a paste while grinding add salt. Add needed water to this coarsely ground batter.. Instant Adai batter ready to make healthy adai dosas. In the end just before making the patties or dosa you need to add curry leaves or drumstick leaves. Healthy lentil batter ready to be prepared and can

Are you your true friend?

Lots of quotes are floating today in this digital era, some resonate in full. Each of us we view them in our minds eye of perception and there is no right or wrong to it. The following was a forward and I want you to read it interpret in your way and see if my interpretation to the same matches, else do share yours in comments. I landed up at DEF when my mind raced back to alphabet A. and each of these became questions rather than what it says. Let me share how. A - Do I accept myself as I am? or do I feel I need acceptance from others around me? B - Do I believe in myself ? or do I fall trap for what ever someone believes me to be from their point of lifes understanding? C - Do I celebrate myself? Or do I find only faults in  me that, I should have done better in each step of the way? D - DO I defend myself? or do I let it go and say sorry for anything and everything just so I am accepted in the society even if I was right? E - Do I encourage myself? Or do I wait for someone to approv